B.A Hons Philosophy Sem-3 CC-7 Calcutta University Exam Question Paper

B.A Hons Philosophy Sem-3 CC-7 Calcutta University Exam Question Paper

Paper: CC-7
Full Marks : 65
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words
as far as practicable.

[English Version]
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

  1. Answer any ten of the following questions : 1×10
    (a) ‘Religion is the belief in one or more spiritual entities.’— Who said this?
    (i) Max Muller (ii) John Hick
    (iii) E.B. Tylor (iv) Miall Edwards.
    (b) The karma which is yet to fructify is
    (i) anarabdha karma (ii) sancita karma
    (iii) prarabdha karma (iii) nitya karma.
    (c) Pitaka means
    (i) Book (ii) Rock
    (iii) Legend (iv) None of these.
    (d) The Karma which keeps the organism tied to its body is
    (i) antaraya karma (ii) ayuh karma
    (iii) vedanya karma (iv) aparigraha.
    (e) The main contention of ontological argument for the existence of God is :
    (i) God is the complete entity (ii) The existence of God lies in his concept
    (iii) God is the first cause (iv) God is the controller of destiny.
    (f) Gospels are found in
    (i) Quran (ii) Granthsahib
    (iii) Avesta (iv) Bible.
    (g) To donate a certain portion of one’s income as food, health etc. is called
    (i) Zakat (ii) Sazakat
    (iii) Isha (iv) Tohfa.
    (h) The creation of world diversity is accidental— according to
    (i) Bauddha (ii) Jaina
    (iii) Carvaka (iv) Nyaya.
    (i) ‘Religious statements are symbolic’.— Who said this?
    (i) Durkheim (ii) Wittgenstein
    (iii) Paul Tillich (iv) Braithwaite.
    (j) Arhat is
    (i) Authority (ii) Monk
    (iii) Worshipper of God (iv) Perfect man.
    (k) Totem and Taboo is written by
    (i) Jiang Rong (ii) David Morrell
    (iii) Freud (iv) Phillip.
    (l) According to Sankara, Parabrahma is
    (i) Isvara (ii) Nirgunna-Brahma
    (iii) Brahmananda (the Universe) (iv) Jagat (the World).
  2. Answer in brief (any five) of the following questions : 5×5
    (a) Discuss different types of karma, according to Bauddha philosophy.
    (b) Elucidate Jaina arguments for disbelief in God.
    (c) Explain the Islamic code, Shariya.
    (d) Can the language game theory be applied in the context of religious language?
    (e) What is Freudian concept of religion?
    (f) Give an exposition of Nyaya argument from ad a for the existence of God.
    (g) Define the material cause and the efficient cause of the World.
    (h) Is religious language non-cognitive?— Discuss.
  3. Answer any two questions :
    (a) ‘Inspite of being one, God has three manifestations.’— Explain this concept in the light of Christianity.
    (b) Explain Cosmological Argument for the existence of God. Examine the argument after John Hick.
    (c) What is the problem of the religious use of language? Discuss, in this connection, Aquinas’ doctrine
    of Analogy. 5+10
    (d) All religions are in contact with the same divine reality but their differing experience have led to
    increasing differentiation.— Explain. 15

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