B.A Hons Political Science Sem-5 CC-12 Calcutta University Exam Question Paper

BA Hons Political Science Sem-5 CC-12 Calcutta University Exam Question Paper

Paper: CC-12
(Political Sociology)
Full Marks : 65
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words
as far as practicable.

[English Version]
The figures within the margin indicate full marks.
1. Answer the subsequent questions (each during a single sentence) : 1×15
(a) Mention any two social bases of politics.
(b) Give an example of political sub-culture.
(c) Name two proponents of the theories of political socialization.
(d) Name anybody agency of latent political socialization.
(e) What, consistent with Lester Milbrath, are the three sorts of political participation?
(f) Mention anybody reason for political apathy.
(g) Mention any two propounders of the concept of political development.
(h) What are the 2 major structures of political communication?
(i) Write the name of two main propounders of elite theory.
(j) Write anybody’s explanation for the survival of patriarchy.
(k) Mention two theorists who discussed the effect of faith on politics.
(l) Write the name of a tribe-based party having influenced the politics in India.
(m) Mention one mode of military intervention in politics.
(n) Mention anybody relationship between political development and political change.
(o) Mention any two determinants of electoral behaviour in India.

Module – 1

2. Answer anybody question (within 100 words) : 10×1
(a) Write a note on the typology of political culture.
(b) Explain the role of the structures of political communication.
3. Answer anybody question (within 500 words) :
(a) Analyse the roles of educational institutions and mass media in political socialization. 15
(b) What are the features of political development? Discuss the role of tradition in political development.
Module – 2
4. Answer anybody question (within 100 words) : 10×1
(a) Explain the importance of sophistication in political stratification.
(b) Discuss the main dimensions of the relation between gender and politics.
5. Answer anybody question (within 500 words) : 15×1
(a) does one think that politics has relation with religion? Give reasons for your answer.
(b) Explain with examples the main reasons for military intervention in politics.

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