BA Hons History Sem-3 CC-5 Calcutta University Exam Paper

BA Hons History Sem-3 CC-5 Calcutta University Exam Paper

: CC-5
Full Marks: 65

[English Version]

The figures in the edge show full checks.

  1. Answer the accompanying inquiries : 1×15

(a) Who composed Harshacharita?

(b) Who composed Geeta Govindam?

(c) Name the originator of the Pala dynasty Explain your answer in short.

(d) Where did Dipankara Srijnana educate?

(e) Name the Chola Ruler who attacked Bengal Explain your answer in short. ?

(f) Name the best leader of the Chola dynasty Explain your answer in short. .

(g) Who was the head of Kaivarta revolt?

(h) Name one popular temple of the Pallava Age.

(I) To which country Al-Masudi, the extraordinary explorer belongs Explain your answer in short. ?

(j) During which dynastic rule era was the Sun temple at Konark set up?

(k) What does ‘Mandalam’ mean?

(l) How long did the Tripartite Struggle continue?

(m) Who composed the book ‘Dayabhaga’ ?

(n) How often did King Mahmud of Ghazni attacked and assault India?

(o) When was the first and earliest battle of Tarain battled?

  1. Answer any four inquiries (in 250 words) : 5×4

(a) Compose any one hypothesis with respect to the beginning of the Rajputs.

(b) Examine the territory of Bengal in the pre-Pala dynastic guideline.

(c) For what reason was the Bay of Bengal called Chola Samudram during the Chola time frame?

(d) Examine the reason for the Tripartite struggle..

(e) What was the situation of the tribe in the caste hierarchy of India?

(f) Compose a note on the political circumstance of Northern India just before Muhammad Ghori’s attack.

(g) Survey the significance of guilds in early medieval age South India.

(h) Survey the commitment Al-Biruni as a history specialist.

  1. Answer any three inquiries (in 500 words) : 10×3

(a) Depict the main elements of Indian feudalism in early medieval period.

(b) Talk about momentarily the development of Bengal as a territorial force under Dharmapala and Devapala.

(c) What is the meaning of the local organization during the Chola rule?

(d) Dissect momentarily the merchantile society arrangement of South India.

(e) Talk about the foundation of the rise of the Bhakti movement.

(f) Write a note on early medieval art and architecture..

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