B.A Hons Philosophy Sem-3 CC-5 Calcutta University Question Paper

B.A Hons Philosophy Sem-3 CC-5 Calcutta University Question Paper

Paper: CC-5
Full Marks: 65

[ English Version ]
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

  1. Choose the best option from the following (any ten): 1×10
    (a) Psychology is
    (i) a natural science (ii) a physical science
    (iii) a biological science (iv) a social science.
    (b) Hallucination is
    (i) Objective (ii) Subjective
    (iii) Objective and Subjective (iv) None of these.
    (c) How many attributes of sensation are there according to Titchener?
    (i) Four (ii) Three
    (iii) Two (iv) One.
    (d) The supporter of Insight theory of Learning is
    (i) Köhler (ii) Watson
    (iii) Lashley (iv) Freud.
    (e) How many secondary laws are mentioned by Thorndike in his theory of learning?
    (i) Five (ii) Three
    (iii) One (iv) Two.
    (f) The name of Thorndike’s theory of learning is
    (i) Insight theory (ii) Conditioned response theory
    (iii) Trial and Error theory (iv) None of these.
    (g) Select the name of the Behaviourist philosopher from the following options.
    (i) Köhler (ii) William James
    (iii) Ebbinghous (iv) Watson.
    (h) The founder and principal proponent of psychoanalysis is :
    (i) Freud (ii) Jung
    (iii) Titchener (iv) Skinner.
    (i) The supporter of the Person theory is :
    (i) Strawson (ii) Ryle
    (iii) Watson (iv) Spinoza.
    (j) Who of the following philosophers is a Gestalist?
    (i) Watson (ii) Descartes
    (iii) Stout (iv) Köhler.
    (k) Who is the first to mention the method of measuring I.Q.?
    (i) Binet (ii) Simon
    (iii) Stern (iv) Terman-Merill.
    (l) How many types of personality are accepted by Kretschmer?
    (i) One (ii) Three
    (iii) Five (iv) Four.
  2. Answer any five of the following questions : 5×5
    (a) What is the scope of psychology? Discuss briefly.
    (b) What are the primary laws of learning as formulated by Thorndike? Answer in brief.
    (c) Distinguish between a punisher and a negative reinforcer, following Skinner.
    (d) Discuss the stages of introspection.
    (e) Discuss the main tenets of philosophical behaviourism regarding the relationship between body and
    (f) Distinguish between chronological age and mental age.
    (g) Distinguish between simple reflex action and conditioned reflex action.
    (h) What are the factors of personality? Answer in brief.
  3. Answer any two of the following questions :
    (a) Explain the theory of learning by insight. Can this theory be looked upon as an improvement on the
    trial and error theory of learning? — Discuss. 10+5
    (b) Describe the Binet-Simon test of intelligence. What are its disadvantages? How did Terman-Merrill
    improve upon this scale? 7+3+5
    (c) What do you mean by ‘personality types’? Distinguish, after Jung, between Introvert and Extrovert
    types of personality. How far is this distinction tenable? 6+5+4
    (d) Is mind co-extensive with consciousness? Justify your answer. Discuss the proofs, given by Freud,
    for the existence of the unconscious.

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