B.Sc. Hons Physiology Sem-3 CC-7 Calcutta University Exam Question Paper

B.Sc Hons Physiology Sem-3 CC-7 Calcutta University Exam Question Paper

Paper: CC-7
Full Marks: 50
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words
as far as practicable.
Group – A

  1. Answer any five questions :
    (a) What is dead space? What is its normal value? 1+1
    (b) What is infant respiratory distress syndrome? 2
    (c) What is J-reflex? 2
    (d) What is maximum voluntary ventilation test? 2
    (e) What is Cyanosis? 2
    (f) What is reverse chloride shift? 2
    (g) What is cystic fibrosis? 2
    (h) What is vital capacity? What is its significance? 1+1
    (i) State the composition and partial pressure of inspired air, expired air and alveolar air. 2
    (j) What is Cheyne-Stoke breathing? 2
    Group – B
  2. Answer any two questions :
    (a) What are lung function tests? Mention its significance. 3+2
    (b) Describe the pressure-volume relationship during inspiration and expiration. 5
    (c) State the composition and functions of pulmonary surfactant. 3+2
    (d) What is airway resistance? Discuss the factors affecting airway resistance. 2+3
    (e) Write a short note on — CO2 dissociation curve. What is interdependence? 3+2
    Group – C
  3. Answer any three questions :
    (a) (i) What are Hering-Breuer inflation and deflation reflex?
    (ii) Discuss the role of respiratory centres and nerves in the control of breathing. 4+6
  4. (b) (i) Mention the location of chemoreceptors in our body.
    (ii) Discuss how excess CO2 and lack of O2 in blood regulate respiration. 2+4+4
    (c) (i) A person’s lung volumes were measured and the following results were obtained–
    Inspiratory reserve volume = 3.5 lit
    Tidal volume = 0.5 lit
    Expiratory reserve volume = 1.5 lit
    Residual volume = 1 lit.
    Calculate Vital Capacity (VC) and Total Lung Capacity (TLC) of the person.
    (ii) What is compliance? How compliance curve is altered in emphysema and fibrosis? Explain with reason.
    (iii) What is hysteresis? 2+(2+2+2)+2
    (d) (i) Draw a labelled diagram of Type II cells of alveolar epithelium and discuss the mechanism of surfactant synthesis by these cells.
    (ii) Write a note on work of breathing. (2+3)+5
    (e) (i) Discuss the role of chloride shift in CO2 loading.
    (ii) What is positive cooperativity?
    (iii) What is voluntary hyperpnoea? Mention its effect. 5+2+(1+2)

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