B.Sc Hons Botany Sem-3 CC-5-Calcutta University Question Paper

: CC-5
Full Marks: 50
The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words
as far as practicable.

  1. Answer any five of the following :
    (a) Which rock type is most suitable for preservation of fossils? Why? 1+1
    (b) What are chemical fossils? Give an example. 1+1
    (c) Which geological period is called the ‘Age of Ferns’? Why? 1+1
    (d) State the chemical nature of sporopollenin. 2
    (e) Mention the reasons behind Edward’s renaming of Rhynia major. 2
    (f) What is hydrasperman reproduction? 2
    (g) Distinguish between spores and pollen grains. 2
    (h) Name the form genera of the root and leaf of Lepidodendron. 2
  2. Answer any two of the following :
    (a) Write a short note on the principle of radiometric dating of rocks / fossils. 5
    (b) Comment on the gametophyte of Rhynia. 5
    (c) What is Aeropalynology? Write a brief note on the role of Aeropalynology on human health. 1+4
  3. Answer any three of the following :
    (a) Give an outline of the three-fold subdivisions of Indian Gondwana. Mention at least five
    characteristic megafossil genera from the respective subdivisions. 2½+7½
    (b) Describe the modes of cellular permineralisation and authigenic preservation of fossils mentioning
    one example from each type. 4+4+2
    (c) Characterise the stem anatomy and fructifications of the reconstructed plant Calamites with suitable
    illustrations. 4+6
    (d) State the geological age of the reconstructed plant Cordaites. Describe its leaf anatomy and female
    fructifications with labelled sketches. 1+4+5
    (e) Give an account of sporoderm stratification as proposed by Erdtman and Faegri with labelled
    sketches. Draw the different exine ornamentation patterns found in spores and pollen grains.

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