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Has the stress of penning a 300-page dissertation already caused you a panic attack? Well, you may relax now because you’ve landed on the right website! PhD professionals are available at My Assignment Writing Help to offer you the best English dissertation help.

The best experts in English literature, the majority of them are qualified PhD experts, and some are postgraduates, have been working with us. Therefore, if you are concerned about your unfinished English dissertation, contact us for top-notch writing assistance.

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As one of the top providers of English dissertation assistance, we have a staff of talented writers who specialise in writing in a variety of genres, including:


When it comes to finding relevant sources for your English literature dissertation, our professionals can help you with the best advice on novels, historical context, and much more.


Be it developing a story, or writing the acts, or demonstrating stage directions, our English dissertation play writers will provide you with top-class play to let you score well.

Short Stories

You may need to produce a number of summaries and analyses of well-known short stories. Our writers can assist you with your English dissertation in that regard as well.


For your English literature dissertation, our English poetry professionals know how to distinctively work on them, whether it’s an eight-stanza poem or traditional sonnets.


Our PhD English literature experts can assist you with non-fiction literary genres like journals, letters, etc, in addition to fiction, since they are crucial to your English dissertation.

Essay Help

Our expert English dissertation writing helpers help you create and complete a play, whether it’s about outlining an idea, writing different acts or only editing and proofreading.

Personal Statement

The English writers we have can write impressive personal statements maintaining a proper structure and pointing out valid reasons and explanations with no grammatical mistakes.

Book Report

Get a book report with basic bibliographical details, a synopsis of the plot and setting, key character stories, etc, with the help of our PhD English literary dissertation writers.

Letter Writing

Our English dissertation writers know well how to write a letter that sounds professional. No more trouble creating a convincing body of your letter with fitted reasons and explanations.

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Since quality is our top focus, we offer excellent assistance with English dissertations. Each of our writers has a minimum of five years of experience in the field. Also, our service is renowned for providing English dissertation assistance within the allotted period. Therefore, if you have a tight deadline, rely on us.

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How to Write an English Dissertation

It’s not easy to write an English literature dissertation. To consistently produce the best academic piece, a lot of studies, prerequisite abilities and knowledge, and perseverance are needed.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the procedure our writers use to complete each English dissertation assistance task.

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Selecting a Topic

This step is critical since choosing a general or poor topic for your English dissertation can jeopardise all of your hard work and cost you valuable points. Choose an appropriate topic you are already knowledgeable about for your dissertation so that you can write more quickly.

Conduct a Research

Any type of academic project requires thorough research to be perfectly prepared and to incorporate the most pertinent and reliable material possible. Once you’ve chosen a topic, do some research on the aspects and traits that are associated with it. This can help you write a better dissertation.
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Plan Out Your Writing

Create a basic writing plan and an outline for the English dissertation on notepaper. This outline should include the key ideas from the dissertation organised in a logical sequence. Create your writing plan with the mind reader to develop a quality assignment and earn good grades.

Prepare a Draft

Write the first draft of your English dissertation now that you have a clear notion of how it should be structured. After making all the necessary adjustments and changes, stick to your original outline. Our writers devote a lot of time to craft one piece of work that readers remember for a very long time.
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Get Your Work into Shape

Once you finish writing your first draft, it is now time to refine what you wrote and analyse every word of every paragraph of your dissertation. Go through your written dissertation and highlight all of the places that can be improved by adding a new piece of information or make necessary changes.


You must be meticulous because this is the last quality check of your English dissertation. It is advised that you read the paper several times while proofreading it in an orderly fashion. One error type at a time should be sought. Make sure the dissertation has a clear, thought-out structure.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, including footnotes in a dissertation is possible to provide additional information or references for the readers’ ease of understanding.

The time required for the research part of the dissertation varies depending on the complexity of the topic and the availability of relevant sources. It is best to discuss the timeline with the dissertation writing service. 

Reputable dissertation writing services often provide a plagiarism report to ensure the authenticity and originality of the dissertation.

Yes, reliable dissertation writing services offer secured payment gateways to ensure the safety of your financial transactions.

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