To ensure smooth transactions, My Assignment Writing Help has a customer-friendly payment policy. All prices are displayed in United State Dollars (USD), however payments can be made in major sovereign currencies using currency rates calculated by trustworthy suppliers. All transactions are subject to an extra 18% Service Tax levied by the government.

Multiple payment methods are available, and customers can request alternative options. Partial payments can be made upon request, with 40% upfront payment required to start work, and the remaining 60% due after 50% of the deadline or draft review. However, partial payments are not applicable for urgent orders or online exams.

Duplicate payments are promptly refunded upon notification. In case of payment failure, customers can contact support for assistance, although some issues may be beyond their control. The Payment Help Desk is available for further support and queries. The platform also welcomes feedback and suggestions for improvement via email. Overall, the policy aims to ensure transparency and convenience for customers.

Cancellation Policy

My Assignment Writing Help has specific terms and conditions for cancellation requests. Customers can request cancellation within 24 hours of placing an order, but urgent orders with a submission deadline of 3 days or less cannot be canceled. If a cancellation is requested within the first 3 hours, a 25% deduction from the order value will apply, and the rest will be transferred to the Customers account. After 3 hours and up to 24 hours, the deduction increases to 50%. No cancellations are allowed after 24 hours. Cash refunds are not provided; instead, approved refund amounts will be transferred to the Customers account, which can be used for other services within 90 days. Cancellation requests are not entertained for orders with partial payments. Customers must carefully comply with these policies to manage cancellations effectively.

Refund Policy 

My Assignment Writing Help operates with a clear and fair refund policy for students seeking educational assistance. To be eligible for a refund, students must actively engage with our experts and provide relevant learning material related to their assignments. Formal refund requests must be raised through the Client’s Student Portal Login, as communication through other channels will not be accepted.

Refunds are only entertained within 30 days of receiving the final order solution, which is the date it is uploaded to the student portal. This timeframe allows students ample opportunity to review the solution’s suitability.

Our aim is to foster a positive learning experience, and the refund policy ensures transparency and a structured approach to handling refund requests. While we strive to deliver exceptional assistance, we understand that certain circumstances may warrant a refund, and we are committed to maintaining fairness and accountability in the process. Throughout your educational journey, our team remains dedicated to providing outstanding academic support.