A Short Guide on TEEL Paragraph Structure

If you want to scan your final paragraph structure to figure out where it contains any mistakes or errors you must use the Teel structure. You may utilize the TEEL list as a checkpoint or a final checklist to scan your copy through. The most important feature of the TEEL paragraph structure is that it depicts the traits of proof and provides instances. 

The students who have composed essays in their schools should already have an idea and scope of the TEEL paragraph. Such paragraphs follow a particular structure which is practical and analytical. It will.assist you to demonstrate the necessary details apparently and manifestly. One of the most important features of the TEEL paragraph is that is is completely well-organized. The most important components of a TEEL paragraph are as follows: 

Topic Sentence 

This is the initial introductory sentence that depicts the topic or the subject on which the paragraph is drafted. The topic sentence gives a vivid illustration of the topic. But you have to keep in mind that the topic sentence should be brief, crisp, and precise. You need to write a topic sentence in a way so that the readers may get a proper idea about the entire theme of the subject on which the paragraph is drafted by reading on my the topic sentence. 


A short explanation of the topic is also a very important component of a TEEL paragraph. There should be a detailed description of the topic with a detailed description of the discipline or object in question. An explanation is supposed to be a more precise account of the scope and application of the topic. In case the subject of the paragraph is an object, it is very important to add an explanation of the physical features of the object. 

Example or Evidence to Support the Topic 

It is very essential to add instances to back up the claims you have made in your paragraph. In case you are not making an outward claim and just saying the mind of condition of a specific object you still have to include instances or real-world examples. Examples provide a clear understanding to the learners about the actual scope of a topic. 

Linking Sentence 

A linking sentence helps the students to add context and viewpoint to their writing. You may add a linking sentence to place the whole paragraph in context. A linking sentence allows you to link the various parts of a sentence. 

What Is The Primary Idea Behind The TEEL Structure? 

If you want to understand the meaning of the TEEal structure you have to first comprehend what it entails. The first sentence of your paragraph should describe the topic. You have to highlight the theme or the broad-gauged subject on which the paragraph is drafted within the first one or two sentences. The TEEal structure intends to help a reader so that he or she can easily identify the main theme of the conversation. Next, for any paragraph structured according to the TEEL structure you have to add support sentences in the missile of the paragraph. You may also make the last sense an ending or concluding sentence. You should use transitory words for smooth transitions between the variegated ideas. 

The Bottom Line 

We have given a few examples of each of the essential aspects of the TEEL paragraph: In a TEEL paragraph, T signifies the topic sentence. This will assist you comprehend what TEELis. A proper example of the topic sentence is “Mango is one of the most desired bounties of nature”. This immediately delivers the reader an idea about the main theme of the paragraph. The successive step of the TEEL paragraph; explanation delivers support to the paragraph. A proper example of this is “Mango gives a balanced mixture of sweet and piquant flavours”. In this sentence, the central theme is endorsed with the assistance of an explanation. Here, the author must be conscious of the target reader. The explanatory sentence must also be composed in the light of the target readers. Example and Instance: The third part of a TEEL paragraph is an example or instance. Here the author must give an instance from the natural world. A proper example of this is: An Alphonso variant is a lovely sunny yellow. The example describes the main theme of the topic with real-world instances. The objective of giving an example or instance is to deliver any proof to endorse the topic. Finally, a linking sentence is added to provide context to the whole paragraph. A useful ending to the TEEL paragraph structure is also equally crucial as an introduction to the TEEL paragraph structure.

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