100+ Topics Ideas For Biology Research Creative Writing In 2023

Biology is the most sensational and fascinating sector of study. There are tons of developments going on in the field. One of the best possible ways to dip your toes into the field is by creating unique and compact biology research papers. And to achieve that, it is important to get your hands on certain prominent biology research topics.

But you may think, “How can I take an interesting biology topic to research?”

Interesting biology topics in research papers need to be appealing, grab attention, and be academically connected. They need to cope with debatable questions and recent findings. Further, an interesting topic is one with a base of scientific arguments that has a relevant idea for science. It must also set up further discussion and lead to outstanding upcoming studies.

If you don’t have an easy time delivering amazing biology research papers, then this post from My Assignment Writing Help has got you covered! Read on to reach clear ideas on selecting the best biological research questions and remarkable topics to help you achieve your academic endeavours and keep yourself relevant.

Areas Of Research In Biology: A Quick Overview

Since Biology very closely tests the shapes, functions, developments and evolution of living beings, there is a continuous enhancement in the areas of research. So, you have to be aware of these major areas before you go deeper into the challenging process of crafting perfect biology research papers. Here’s an atomic look at the different areas of research in biology-

  1. Microbiology Research Topics

Microbiologists need to investigate very small organisms. Most of these microscopic creatures, like viruses and bacteria, can cause various infectious diseases. Due to this crucial prospect, a strong bond can be found between immunology and microbiology.

  1. Anatomy Research Topics

Anatomy belongs to that studies in biology where multiple organisms’ structures and vital parts. It commonly focuses on the tissues and organs.

  1. Cell And Molecular Biology Research Topics

Molecular Biology studies the structure and function of living organisms with their biological processes at cellular levels. It focuses also on the macromolecules like proteins, RNA, DNA, carbohydrates and lipids that define them.

  1. Environmental Biology Research Topics

This field of research focuses on the scientific investigation of the behaviour, connections, source of origin, and natural characteristic of living creatures. It also concentrates on species, communities, and ecosystems focusing on the dynamic process of the environment.

  1. Marine Research Topics

This specific study of biology chiefly concerns life that dominates in the deep seas. A specific part of marine biology is oceanography.

  1. Botany Research Topics

Botany Research Topic is also referred to as plant biology, this specific research area studies the characteristics of organisms that require light and water to survive.

  1. Evolutionary Research Topics

This specific research topic area deals with the evolutionary methods (like natural selection, speciation, and common descent) that create the diversity of life on Earth.

  1. Developmental Research Topics

This research area of biology studies the multicellular organisms’ development and growth process, controlled by their genes.

  1. Epidemiology Research Topics

This research of biology studies Observes the occurrence, distribution, determinants, and control of a disease population.

With this clear scenario in mind, you are now prepared to find out the characteristics of best topics.

Good Biology Research Paper Topics: Fundamental Characteristics

An interesting research paper topic on biology pursues something intriguing and can offer an entirely new perspective on life. It must seek the attention of the readers, should be provoking thought and be meaningful to the community. It should also challenge readers to think otherwise and inspire meaningful conversations.

Regardless of what it is about – animals, humans, plants, disease, ecology, and more- it should always locate something from a new and unique aspect. It should make a finding, possess the potential to result in a scientific breakthrough and set up a link between two phenomena or organisms. Furthermore, interesting topics about biology must always be precise, imaginative, unambiguous, and parsimonious.

How To Choose Biology Research Paper Topics? The Real Deal! 

Know half the battle of turning in an interesting biology research paper is won when you choose the perfect research paper topic on biology. Undoubtedly the creative process is not easy. To help you, Our Biology Research Paper Writing help has enrolled certain sure-fire techniques to brainstorm amusing biological topics that will aid you secure the desired rank in your class.

Check them out!

Go For Something Specific

The key to picking an interesting biological research question is to make sure they are not Simple. You may be unable to dive too much into details if your research topic is too uninteresting. Furthermore, the huge amount of information on a simple topic might also be lethal for both you and the readers. So, it is always judicious to go for something particular.

Example –

It’s not a wise decision to go for a topic like “Environmental sustainability.”

Select a topic like “Environmental sustainability through an exceptional change in global diets”.

Conduct Preliminary Research

Remember, research paper topics of biology must always be based on strong scientific evidence. Hence, once you are done brainstorming a single idea, assure to conduct in-depth initial research to assess if there are enough credible and relevant resources you could use.


Choose a topic like ‘Organ Transplantation’. Search for resources on the operational prospect, the sample of transplants, why it is clinically significant, essentials to know, and the likes to turn in an inaccurate research paper.

DO NOT trust unreliable resources like blogs, personal websites, Wikipedia, Movies, etc.

Do Not Choose Excessively Narrow Topics

When choosing a research paper subject in biology, it is important to avoid a topic that’s too narrow so find enough sources to write down the paper. Additionally, your readers will become averse if there’s no room to get up to the questions.


Do not write on topics like – “Oxygen Transport”.

Write on a topic like – “Cell biology and treatment course of Alzheimer’s disease”.

Explore Unique Ideas

Before sifting through recent biology research papers, go through countless topics that intrigue you. That’s how you can construct in-depth knowledge of recent tendencies, and confined your focus to a single idea.


Choose topics like Genetic Engineering and CRISPR, Ways Radiation Impacts DNA, and the Effect of BMI on Injuries to come up with an interesting idea of your own.

Avoid looking on search engines for “15 best biology research paper topics” 

Ensure The Research Derive Unique Findings

Keep in mind the topic you choose and how you want to go deeper with it must add huge value to the scientific community. Hence, try to eliminate topics that won’t bring something new to the table.


Do not select topics like – “Fertilisers”.

Select topics like – “Speech form of human noticed in Asian elephants.”

Now that you know how to select interesting biology project ideas, let My Assignment Writing Help spoil you with selected some of the most interesting biology research paper topic examples. Here you go!

Interesting Biology assignment course for College and High School Students

Writing biology research papers can cease to be a bitter phenomenon if you don’t have the right strategies to come up with unique ideas. However, for those looking for encouragement to set the ball rolling. We have grouped the topics as per different specialisations. So, go on and take a dive into it!

Molecular Biology Research Topics

  • Spoiling and repairing cycle of DNA
  • Molecular biology – improvement stages
  • Omnivores and Frugivores – What are humans generally?
  • Discuss biological causes behind intolerances in food
  • Influence of sunburns on a cellular level
  • Organization in a viral genome- Explain
  • Limitation of Microarray Data Analysis

Environmental Biology Research Topics

  • Set up an analysis of environmental sustainability.
  • Progress of greens
  • Influence of changes in the environment on the population of seabirds
  • Uses of geospatial science
  • Coral reefs conservation vs demolition 
  • Meaning of crustaceans for the environment
  • Discuss the impact of genetic diseases on humans

Evolutionary Biology Research Topics

  • Discuss the functions of the appendix in human beings
  • “Butterflies and Moths – evolutionary connections” discuss this 
  •  How do malaria parasites defend drugs?
  • Write- Development of resistance.
  • Different ways the mind vary from one human to another
  • Discuss the evolution of infectious disease
  • Chimpanzees vs. Gorillas – A comparative discussion of the anatomy.

Zoology Research Topics

  • Analysis of the patterns seen in the migration of birds
  • Present a detailed discussion of invasive species
  • Discuss the domestication of canines
  • Analysis speech in Grey Parrots of Africa
  • Classical vs Contemporary classification methods
  • Influence of Western historical expansion on the American Buffalo
  • Discuss a NY case study on the overpopulation of while tail deer in Long Island
  • Give a Presentation on NY case study on the overpopulation of while tail deer in Long Island

Cellular Biology Research Topics

  • Discuss Cork Tree Cell
  • Write down the use of Hormone Action Therapy in athletics at college
  • Reason for cellular metabolism in marine mammals
  • Analysis of research methods in cell biology
  • Write down common cell infections and how they caused the immunity
  • Analysis of the Heritage of Robert Brown and the Nucleus
  • Write down the modification of ribosomes and the functioning of cell membrane

Plant Pathology Research Topics

  • Plant Pathology – analysis measures of prevention
  • Good and bad influence of fertilisers on plants
  • Photosynthesis – analysis of major aspects and functions
  • Discuss the common disease resistance in plants
  • Discuss the management of plant diseases simplified by modern technology
  • Design a detailed literature review on evolution and microbial ecology
  • How do invasive plants and weedy plants relate

Neurobiology Research Topics

  • Describe the effect of music on the human brain 
  • Anxiety and Gut Bacteria – analysis of their relationship
  • Write down the neurobiological reasons that result in migraine
  • Depression and Oxidative Stress – relations 
  • How the genetic causes lead to Schizophrenia?
  • Discuss how cognitive neuroscience can help in problem-solving
  • Use of Neuroscience in robotic technologies

Biotechnology Research Topics

  • Discuss the recent upliftment in forensic DNA
  • Discuss the uses of nanotechnology in diagnosing cancer.
  • How can nanotechnology methods be used in the isolation of DNA
  • Discuss the applications of biotechnology to food.
  • Transplantation biology and Cardiovascular biology – analysis of the relation
  • Pharmacogenetics – discuss the principles
  • Analysis of the RNA- based therapeutics

Genetics Research Topics

  • Explain the moral aspects of cloning.
  • Discuss how human cloning can transform medicine
  • Explain the different stages of lung cancer
  • Effects of sun exposure on the human skin 
  • Analysis of the safety issues concerning foods that are genetically modified
  •  Explain the correlation between obesity and genetics
  • Explain the DNA-modified organisms 

Developmental Biology Research Topics

  • Explain development in the cardiovascular system.
  • Explain the Regeneration of tissues
  • Discuss what do you think about top-killer viruses
  • Write down the combinations of anticancer drugs
  • Discuss the connection between fertilisation and gametes.
  • Explain birth defects
  • Discuss the diseases that are associated with the developmental origin

Marine Biology Research Topics

  • Explain mental accumulation in marine invertebrates.
  • How does biotechnology use in the study of marine life
  • Management of the ocean – discuss your thoughts 
  • Explain the relationship between pollution and toxicology in oceans
  • Discuss the archaeological discovery of the dead sea scrolls
  • Discuss History causes and impacts of rising sea levels and your thoughts on it
  • Explain anthropogenic factors of the marine pollution

 Immunology Research Topics

  • Explain the improved methods of transportation.
  • Discuss the significance of vaccination in the modern era
  • Explain the key causes of epidemics 
  • Discuss the relationship between immune response and cell death
  • Describe the strategies of immunotherapy against pathogens
  • Explain the development of vaccines for infectious disease
  • Explain the causes of immune system disorders

Botany Research Topics

  • Write down a detailed study of the ferns
  • Explain the recent findings in the plant fossils study
  • Discuss genetic inheritance in plant species
  • Explain the recent discoveries made in plant research.
  • Describe the plant pathology – Common occurrences
  • Explain the structure and different types of fungi
  •  Discuss the growth control in plants

History Of Biology Research Topics

  • Explain the history of genetics.
  • Discuss the history of vaccination.
  • Write down a paper on renowned biologists and their unique discoveries
  • Describe your views on the impacts of whale hunting
  • “Applications of technology in biology” write a paper on it 
  •  Discuss the fundamental laws of inheritance of Gregor Mendel
  • Discuss the stand Rachel Carson on environmental safety

Bioremediation Research Topics

  • Explain the bioremediation phenomenon.
  • Describe your thoughts on the bioremediation of groundwater.
  • Explain your point of view on bioremediation protocol for oil spill
  • Write down the method of bioremediation
  • Discuss the relationship between genomic and evolutionary microbiology
  • Explain your thoughts – Chemotherapy, Resistance and Antimicrobials
  • Enhancement of ecology with the help of bioremediation

Trending Biology Research Questions

  • Explain the causes of allergic responses that result in asthma.
  •  Describe the effective techniques of pandemic-fighting
  • Describe the implications of coral reef biology
  • How does miscarriage impacts the health of women
  • Explain your thoughts on “immortality is a realistic objective for human beings”
  • Describe how biological reasons lead to food intolerances.
  • Embryo screening and Human cloning – explain in a bioethical perspective on research

Controversial Topics In Biology

  • Failing to vaccinate children should be considered illegal – describe 
  • Write a paper for or against the ending of life practice – Euthanasia
  • Hair loss – a consequence of lifestyle or genetic setback describe your thoughts 
  • Write a paper for or against the use of marijuana for leisure consumption
  • Describe your thoughts on the choice of abortion being left to mothers and healthcare practitioners.
  • Herbicides must be revoked describe your thoughts 
  • Write down a paper on the concept of ‘cloning’.

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