A Case Study on a Popular Pizza Chain: Domino’s

Now the fast food industry has become one of our top most priority in any kind of circumstance of our lives. There are a lot of fast food companies that have been very famous for their food like Mcdonald’s for burgers, Coke for soft drinks, and Domino’s for pizza. Most fast food companies are still now toiling to create their brand image, but Domino’s has become the one-stop destination for pizza lovers. Now we are going to discuss how the company became so successful. 

Start-up Story of Dominos

Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, thought to control the action of DomiNick’s which was a small pizza cafe of Dominick DiVarti. 

They checked the arrangement by paying a $500 primary installment and the brothers obtained $900 to spend for the shop. James swapped his half of the share of the company to Tom for the Volkswagen Beetle they utilized to deliver pizzas. 

Tom required the shops to have the same marking but the first owner did not allow him to use the name of Dominick. At that time a worker named Jim Kennedy came back from a pizza sale and proposed the term Domino’s. Tom adored the concept and in 1965 he renamed the company Domino’s Pizza, Inc. 

There were at first three dabs in the logo of the company that tells about the three shops in 1965. The founder then opened a lot of new stores. Monaghan wanted to add another spot with a new shop but the idea soon got obscured because Domino’s was growing too fast. The company launched its first establishment region in 1967 and it was expanded to 200 shops by 1978. 

Entry of Domino’s in India 

In 1995, Jubilant Foodworks began its firm under the name of Domino’s Pizza India Private Limited and in 1996 they established the foremost store of Domino’s Pizza. 

Jubilant Foodworks launched the 700th Domino’s Pizza store in the first quarter of 2014 and within 24 months after this, they inaugurated 300 more stores.  It aimed to make India the second nation after the United States to attain the 1000-store mark for  Domino’s Pizza.

The company has been serving India for more than 20 years. Now there are more than 1000 

outlets of Domino’s Pizza in India and about 20 stores in Sri Lanka. Jubilant Foodworks has agreements for Bangladesh as well as Nepal also. The company intends to make its outlets double by 2021. 

Jubilant Foodworks conducted a franchise contract in 2011 with Dunkin’ Donuts which is an American coffee, and donuts chain to stretch out its shops in India, the first of which was introduced in 2011.

Contests Encountered by Domino’s in India

The company launched its 1000th store in January 2016. Center for Science and Environment(CSE) disclosed in 2016 that their pizza bread contained toxins and agents that causes cancers like potassium bromate and potassium iodate. The company did not give any reaction to the CSE queries. Potassium bromate is a Category 2B cancer-causing agent which may cause liver cancer.  

Live bugs were seen in Domino’s pizza flavoring sachets in Delhi in 2017. The video of it got viral. When they started again they modified the pressing from simple to blurred. 

The Business Model of Domino’s

The deals of the company increased from $3.1 billion to $5.9 billion as of 2017. The strategy of the company has stimulated economic expert conspiracy too. 

Domino’s surpassed Pizza Hut in 2017 and became the biggest pizza chain in the country in respect of deals though it has about 2000 fewer residential units. 

Domino’s expects to get $25 billion in deals per annum by 2025. 

Domino’s Income and Development

The revenue of Domino’s Pizza is about 4.36 billion U.S. Dollars all over the world as of 2021. The inventory network is the main source of its revenue. The inventory network keeps a record of the most significant piece of its total revenue. Besides that, the autonomy and expenditures it receives from its franchisees are the second sources of revenue for the company. The company similarly worked a certain number of outlets in the advertisement of U.S. The inventory network of Domino’s considers several franchisees of Domino’s and 

the organization of working shops in the US and Canada. The supply chain segment of the company showed about 57% of its revenue in 2018. It generated nearly 1.94 billion US dollars in revenue. The other sources are eminences and expenses from the US and worldwide franchisees just as contracts in the organization worked outlets developed about 1.5 Billion US dollars in revenues. The inventory network of Domino’s works 19 regional combinations of collecting and food shop network concentrated in the US and 5 batters connecting and food production network concentrates in Canada. 

Why has Domino’s Pizza Become so Successful?

The factors behind the success of Domino’s Pizza are as follows: 

Adaptability to Digital and Online Mediums

Domino’s showed its innovation to the customers. It tried to introduce new ways for consumers so that they can put their requests on various stages like keen TVs, Ford Motor Co. (F) vehicles, and on Twitter through emoticons. Moreover, the company is beating Pizza Hut. The company extended its piece of the pie from 9% to 12.3% in 2024 but Pizza Hut dropped from 14.7% to 14.4%. 


Some cheap food chains are trying to beat one another. The company has performed a small thing to give a response to this style. The company provides some menu items for $5.99 but Pizza Hut provides a relative and lower priced alternative. These contributions reduced the overall earnings. But Domino’s was defensible with that effect. As soon as the company launched, the revenue increased by 23% in 2013. 

Untapped Markets

Only 7% of the business of Domino’s comes from countries outside the U.S. along with India, the U.K., and South America. In 2015 the company faced a11.7% bounce in the number of stores. The company expects to add somewhere in the range of 7 and 8% per year. China is starting to enter. Pizza Hut had the primary mover benefit in the country and Yum is intending to shut down China-oriented businesses. Domino’s has a lot of outlets in China and according to Andersen, it might be over 1,800 by 2030. 

What is the Plan of Domino’s?

Domino’s is supposed to be a significant pizza company that has strong global proximity. In the current five years, the revenue of the company has increased vigorously. The company is expecting a systemwide number of cafes by 2925 to have expanded to more than 25,000 outlets. The basic focal fact of the company is quality and client services. This has increased the brand value in the US and international markets divided from elevated deals, customer reliability, and by large omnipresence. The attraction for Pizza all over the works is increasing day by day and it pitches an attractive open four for Domino’s. 

There are more than 1000 outlets of Domino’s in India and each store provides the exact tasty pizzas that are preferred by the consumers. In this way, the company has displayed to everyone that it is very important to maintain a standard of taste and quality irrespective of any company be it large or small. It has operated more than 1000 stores for more than 20 years and it is expecting to introduce another 1000 outlets in the upcoming 5 years. 


Domino’s has proved how to become successful tactfully by following a proper business strategy. The new and developed pizza has indeed attacked the proper bonding with the consumers and it is expected that it will rebuild Domino’s India as the one-stop Pizza company in the nation. To make your case study more attractive you may contact My Assignment Writing Help


  1. At what time did Domino’s start its journey in India?

Domino’s started its journey in India in 1996. 

  1. Where did Domino’s open its first outlet in India?

Domino’s first opened its outlet in New Delhi.

  1. What is the annual income of Domino’s?

As of 2021, the annual income of Domino’s is about $4.36 billion. 

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