100 Updated and Interesting Social Policy Dissertation Topic

Students majoring in social policy who aspire to work in lucrative fields must finish a dissertation in order to graduate with a degree. But for many students, coming up with a good topic for a genuine Social Policy thesis sometimes proves frustrating. Because of this, My Assignment Writing Help provides guidance from qualified academic writers regarding dissertation subjects. They are committed to helping students write excellent papers so they may get the scores they want in their Social Policy courses. These five key areas make up the study of social policy:

  • Joblessness
  • Poverty
  • Healthcare 
  • Housing 
  • Education

Here are some keywords you might want to consider while creating your own collection of themes before we look at some sample social policy dissertation topics. Use these crucial terms to develop your ideas for social policy dissertation topics:

  • Discrimination
  • Adoptive gay relationships
  • Donation of organs
  • Gay unions
  • Cannabis use is now permitted.
  • Domestic rape
  • Automatic basic income
  • Laws governing data protection
  • Arms restraint
  • Immigration
  •  Abortion
  • Infant malnutrition 
  • Infant parenting
  • Free training
  • The execution
  • Monogamous relationships
  • safety for your health
  • mandatory army
  • Liberty of expression 
  • Adult film
  • a child molester
  • Criminal Rehabilitative Programmes
  • Prostitution
  • The minimum age to purchase alcohol
  • Advantageous Discrimination

100 Ideas for Social Policy Dissertations

Disparities in my opinion are a distinctive feature of the field of social policy. Thus, ardent students and professionals may disagree over social policies. A social policy research paper subject must thus be either analytical or persuasive. You might use the following list of 100 social policy topics as inspiration when attempting to construct your own thesis.

General Topics in Social Policy

1. Gun ownership limitations and how they contribute to fatal incidents in US schools

2. The morality of euthanasia: Is it a sin or a relief for the suffering?

3. At what age should alcohol be deemed universally legal? 

4. The effects of student loan debt on parents and children, as well as the concept of the right to a non-chargeable could be helpful.

5. Research from the Khan Academy on free education

6. In Western culture what is Polygamy’s prevalence and features 

7. The economic advantages of legalizing abused 

8. Death by lethal injection: inhumane brutality or pain-free process of execution

9. Contrasting perspectives on abortion: A comparison of the beliefs of religion and medicine 

10. How adoption by homosexual parents may affect a child’s ability to grow normally

11. Organ donation as a matter of morality

12. A discussion of the implications of legalizing prostitution on a nation’s population

13. The social stigma against gay marriage and its legalization in several Western jurisdictions

14. Pornography: a form of art or improper behavior?

15. The right to free expression and the aggressive media backlash. 

16. The cost of health care as a fundamental human right and the impact of health insurance.

17. The background and justification for mandatory army service

18. Are criminal rehabilitation programs effective? 

19. How to spot child abuse and how to take rigorous measures for society’s wellbeing.

20. The case study of morally justified positive discrimination 

21. A closer look at how affirmative action helps minorities receive financial aid

22. The contentious method of punishing marital rape: Why merely punishing the violence is insufficient

23. The pros and cons of organ donation for health

24. Why legalizing marijuana is a good issue in contemporary Western civilization

25. How rehabilitation programs assist offenders reintegrate into society

26. What are the drawbacks of universal basic income and how may they be overcome?

27. How digital data protection rules are changing how large tech corporations acquire data.

28. The use of generic medications in the US and how they can replace the costly healthcare system

29. Does allowing prostitution improve the standing of sexual prostitutes in society?

30. Why do some African countries still allow child pornography

31. The impact of prejudice in contemporary American society

Social Policy Thesis Topics

32. A case study of coupons for care in the coalition’s proposals to reform welfare payments

33. How the Social Exclusion Unit affected Doncaster’s tenants of social housing

34. The best methods for intervening in cases of child abuse and potential remedies 

35. How community-based social policy networks are being transformed by solidarity

Threats to middle-class taxpayers from discrimination 36. Institutionalism’s impact on welfare reliance and homelessness 37.

38. A comparison of the social policy arms of Bismarck and Lloyd George

39. How humanitarian organizations with a religious bent exploit the helpless in the concept of the large society.

40. A thorough evaluation of the UK’s nationwide strategy for treating and monitoring dementia patients

41. An analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of incorporating children of travelers in education up to age 18

42. A description of welfare theory and how it is used in social policy

Social Planning Dissertation Ideas for Research Topics

43. A case study on the psychological repercussions of a child’s early poverty

44. How social inclusion is made possible through community development

45. Social Perceptions of gun rights in the US States

46. Factors contributing to health insurance programs’ success

47. How changes in mandatory military service have an impact on societal patterns

48. A thorough research of US medical policy in light of the current situation

49. A case study of the US’s gun regulations using Stephen King’s article “Guns”

50. It is the duty of the government to assist single moms without jobs in finding employment.

51. Homeless mobility and neighbor influence

52. How increasing taxes affect the middle class.

53. An analysis of how gender quotas impact election systems in Third World Nation

54. Why imprisoning children is pointless and how to stop it

55. The government’s obligation to forbid the abuse of free expression

56. The function of national defense: A study of Greek history and the era of Austerity.”

57. How the 9/11 attacks caused a change in how people throughout the world view Muslims

58. The issue with socioeconomic discrimination in the judicial system is that it affects how you are addressed by a judge.

59. The reasons for prejudice against people of color in American institutions of learning

60. Evaluation of US social policies towards racial and ethnic minorities

A Case Study Ideas for Social Policy Topics

61. The need for immigration limits is demonstrated through a case study of the refugee situation in Europe.

62. A case study of Scotland’s domestic abuse policies since 1998

63. The change in marijuana regulations in Uruguay: A investigation in policy Coherence

64. A study of Kenya’s sustainable economy

65. A study of American healthcare inequalities and disparities.

66. A comparative examination of health disparities in the Fukushima Soma Region of Japan

67. An abstract illustration of solidarity and alliance in the politics of intersectional practice, paragraph 

68. An analysis of the US and UK as case studies explores how the government might assist young people in the transition to economic independence.

69. Governance in weight gain regulations: a case investigation of the UK-Scotland political alliance

70. An analysis examining the impact of private health insurance on China’s ability to obtain healthcare

Scholarly Subject’s Ideas for the Dissertation

71. Social Policy and Democratic Governability: A Relationship

72. Columbia: A Comprehensive Study of Social Security and Health Services

73. The connection between social and educational policy,

74. Access, fairness, and excellence in education are defined

75. A comparison between liberalism and civic reform 

76. The benefits of public safety

77. A study of common morality and criminal law

79. Existing privacy laws’ flaws, commercial exploitation in the era of digital technologies, 

Different Social Policies Help with Dissertation Topics

80. The impact of cultural capital on early childhood 

81. The disadvantages of cash transfer programs

82. An examination of media bias and news coverage 

83. A review of the US’s post-war civil rights movements

84. How helping others support political campaigns and protests 

85. Edward Snowden as a research paper in Modern American Whistleblowers

86. Detailed analysis of several dispute resolution techniques

87. An examination of Aristotle’s Philosophy of Government 

88. A Moral and ethical analysis of pardoning criminals 

89. Judicial Interpretation of Public Statutes

90. A review of the Human Rights Act of 1998

91. Neopatrimonialism’s effect and the dangers of societal unrest

92. The concept of intercommunal tolerance and the way of sustains contemporary societal virtue 

93. A thorough analysis of the causes of world poorness.

94. A historical analysis of African Americans and the socioeconomic causes of crime 

95. The perils of unethical advertising

96. The problems with gender equality theory

97. A review of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations

98. The idea of the Great Society and how it relates to social philosophy

99. The advantages and dangers of welfare-state policies

100. How people see social work is affected by societal regulations

Advice on Selecting a Social Policy Topic Dissertation 

Hold fast to your passion: You need a subject that interests you in order to be motivated to sit down and work. You’ll become bored if you select a subject that bores you. Your momentum will be lost as a result of this incident.

Originality and authenticity are always important: Authentic themes are necessary if you want to elicit thoughtful responses from your audience, and coming up with your own ideas can help you get better scores.

Look at current events to identify problems: If you’re looking for contentious Social Policy dissertation themes, start by scanning the web for current events. Then, with the support of British Dissertation support, develop your topic to achieve the best possible outcomes.


The list of the top 100 social policy dissertation topics is complete at this point, and you can use it to start creating a strong dissertation thesis. Request aid from us at my assignment writing help if you need support with the complete task of writing your media dissertation, and you’ll receive a prompt response. Our social policy assignment writing help provides comprehensive and well-researched content on time that secures your A+ grade. We offer multiple revisions without any charge. If you are interested call us for ample paper so that you can learn more about us.

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